Do your social ads have ad scent?

Despite the name, this actually isn’t about the fragrance that people add to their gift lists but relates to the customer journey that is made by your target customer on their way to buying from your website.

What is ad scent?

Ad scent starts with your target audience seeing your Facebook and Instagram ads, clicking through to a landing page and, ideally, taking the final action that you want them to take such as make a purchase. To maximise the likelihood of that action taking place, you need for them to experience consistency at every stage of the journey so that they don’t drop off before taking that action. They follow the scent all the way through.

Consumers like to feel as though they are in the right place.  They see an ad that resonates with them, because they have been well targeted, and then they click through to a landing page that looks similar to the ad. That’s what should happen.  However, too often, the landing page is (or looks to be) completely unrelated to the ad.  Cue target customer clicking away from the page, frustrated that they have made a wasted click.

Good ad scent is about consistency between the ad and the landing page that you click through to. It should be a seamless transition and, if not, you risk losing the customer and therefore wasting the ad spend that brought them to the landing page in the first place. A landing page should clearly reflect the ad so that when the customer clicks through, they see exactly what they expected to see – a landing page that clearly flows from the ad.

What does good ad scent look like?

There are several elements to good ad scent:

The overall creative look of the ad is really key – it needs to be the consistent image that is also seen on the landing page that will let a customer know that they are in the right place. Make sure that you have the same image throughout the journey to maximise the chance of conversion. Make sure that the font, layout, colour scheme etc are all in alignment.

Make sure that the landing page reflects the benefits to the customer outlined in the ad. There is no point in making a focus of a particular benefit and then not including it when a customer clicks through to the landing page. Again, a target customer is likely to quickly click away.

Ensure that you continue any reference to a promotion or offer on the landing page – there is nothing more frustrating than clicking through to a landing page, expecting to see a special offer or promotion, and then seeing no sign of it.

Make sure that you manage expectations with your Facebook ads – ensure that people get to see what they expect when they click through to your landing page.  Make sure that the ad scent is consistent and fragrant so that you get the conversion that you want.  

If you’d like to find out more about how ad scent can help your Facebook ads to be more successful, get in touch with us.

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