Drinks’ Awareness Days for February

The first month of the year is almost over and February is just around the corner, meaning that a new selection of awareness days for your drinks brand to use in content marketing are coming up. Which ones can you use for your brand?

1st #HelloFebruary #HelloFebruary

1st International Gruit Day #InternationalGruitDay

7th Pisco Sour Day #PiscoSourDay

8th International Scotch Day #InternationalScotchDay

14th Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay

18th Global Drink Wine Day #GlobalDrinkWIneDay

22nd Margarita Day #MarguaritaDay

24th World Bar Tender Day #WorldBarTenderDay

27th National Kahlua Day #NationalKahluaDay

29th Leap Year #LeapYear

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